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TG2Books Hardcopy

The Trader's Guide to ... Series (TG2 Series) is available as e-Books. Hardcopy may be made available for special circumstances, please enquire. 

Caveat:  ART is staffed by former heads of trading and the like, we are not "printers".  Though we are the "publishers" of our books, we subcontract the printing, warehousing, shipping, etc.

TG2 Custom Features

TG2 books can be produced on customised basis.  This may be something as simple as your company name and logo, to more complex tailoring of content.  Please enquire further.

TG2 Security Features

TG2 books are produced with special encryption features.  Each and every book is unique and can be traced back to its original owner.  As such, any copyright infringement can be traced to the original owner.  Please be sure to enforce the agreements, as carelessness may result in you or your employer facing legal recourse.

TG2 Hardcopy Delivery Costs

TG2 books are generally large and heavy.  This makes delivery expensive, and this is beyond our control.  We subcontract warehousing and shipping with the agreement that the subcontractor charges less than courier fees.  This means that these fees will always be less compared to, say, the quote on UPS's website, though the subcontractor is free to choose whatever delivery process suites them.


Please email questions/comments to TG2Books@Arbitrage-Trading.com .


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(TG2 Books are in colour & include software)


See also TG2 Series  "home" or the  Entire TG2 Series listing of titles.


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