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ARTSchool is ART's seminars service for market professionals.  The number one priority of ARTSchool is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make/save money.  Regardless of the complexity of the topics, our experts will always provide a clear and practical P&L oriented presentation.  The presentations are of the highest quality with commensurate materials and support (including follow-up's for those questions that arise later). 

ARTSchool's staff and associated speakers have all had at least 15 years "in-the-business" experience.  From Heads of Trading, to Heads of Risk Management, to Heads of Corporate finance, they've done it all.  And while they all have decades of real world experience, there is no shortage of PhD's.  ART believes that the combination of long years of practice combined with advanced degrees is unmatched. 

But don't simply take our word for it, please peruse the testimonials  

ARTSchool seminars exist as both "public" and "in-house" presentations.  Please surf the scheduled dates, and existing topics links at left for an indication of public seminars.  If you don't see what you are looking for please let us know, we might well be able to schedule one.

ARTSchool's in-house seminars may be of even greater interest to you.  The two key benefits are cost savings and tailored seminars.  For example, the cost of sending three or four of your staff abroad for a seminar could easily cost more then an in-house presentation.  Moreover, the in-house presentation can be tailored to exactly your circumstances, systems, trading, and products. 

You have your choice of "Comprehensive" in-house seminars for larger groups and for those requiring extensive free customisation.  The "ValuePack" is the best in-house format for groups of 1-5, and when only a relatively small amount of free customisation is required beyond one of our standard seminars, while providing savings of 30% typical .

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